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Director Desk

The pedagogy at EduGaps revolves around its students. Students come to EduGaps with a dream to achieve a carrer goal. At EduGaps we help students realize their strengths and weaknesses and chart out a path accordingly to reach their objective. The goal-setting process forms the core of academic delivery in any EduGaps program. Experienced mentors counsel the students at EduGaps, help them set goals, review and track progress and guide them accordingly. The faculty at EduGaps work as facilitator rather than a teacher. They mentor, guide and assist learning. Our expert mentors and faculty are highly qualified. They continue to go through rigorous training, brainstorming and analysis sessions. They challenge themselves by taking various entrance examinations each year.

Today, there is too much of competition and this competition is increasing every moment. And most importantly each student needs individual training, as each individual has different strengths and weaknesses, to overcome all these challenges. We provide best of study material which is delivered by best faculty members to get the best results for our students.

Sikander Garg


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